Benefits and Types of Online Password Managers

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Almost everyone has multiple logins and passwords in order to manage their daily lives.  Nowadays it's not wise to use the same password for each bank account, bill payments, stock brokerage account, retirement account, cable and phone logins, PayPal, Gmail, Chase, GoDaddy, other passwords,  etc.  Who can keep track of all this?  Then many people use simple passwords because they want them to be easy to remember.  This also makes it very easy for hackers to break into your accounts.  Solve your password security problems and access your passwords and logins from any device. 

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Our Online Password Manager (OPM) is very safe, secure, easy to use, and we do not change your passwords. is intuitive, elegant, and no one can see your passwords except you, and we cannot even see them.  We try to build the best products in the world, and welcome our client's feedback and suggestions for future feature enhancements.
Software developers have taken several different approaches to trying to solve this problem.  Some web browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are starting to add more password management features into their browsers.  From our experience these browsers have far too many defects (bugs) and managing all your passwords and logins is too important to be given to these browsers. We prefer an independent software solution with a standalone password manager that has a secure vault in the cloud. Our OnlinePasswordManager uses proprietary complex modern software methods for development and this makes our product intrinsically Web-based, so you can use OnlinePasswordManger from any computer and on any device (e.g. smartphone, iPad, desktop, etc.) everywhere in the world.  We use our own product every single day, please try our OnlinePasswordManager and simplify your life so you have more time to spend on what is important.

Some of the basic functions that you need in an online password manager are:

1. 128 bit complicated and non-standard encryption of passwords, both in storage and user access accounts.  It would take many hundreds of thousands of years to break this encryption code if you use a 15 letter password, and you have a better chance of being hit by 3 bolts of lightning in the next 20 minutes, then someone being able to break into our cloud based vault and crack our encryption system.  Our Online Password Manager uses 256 bit encryption that takes more than a million years to crack if you use a long and secure password.  Our product includes an optional password generator if you decide to use it.
It is much more important for you to create a strong and long password(s), and use a different password for each and every account you sign into.
Trying all "potential" passwords is called a dictionary attack.  This type of cracking software will try all possible short passwords first (6 letters or less), then try more complex methods.  An one-letter password could be cracked in less than 15 seconds even if you use 256 bit encryption, so you need to understand how important it is to create strong and longer passwords.

2. Code injection and extraction security.

3. Virtual Keypad entry of critical data such as username and password in order to provide protection from keylogger hackers.

4. Categorization of password storage.

5. Web based access anywhere, which allows access and use with any device that provides Internet access.

Password managers store your passwords in an encrypted database that only you can access to prevent them from being stolen. For even more  protection, OnlinePasswordManager stores your passwords in a secure password vault in the cloud. Even if your computer is hacked or you accidentally download malware, hackers will not be able to get to your passwords because they are not on your computer.

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