Our Product Design Philosophy

If you are new to the "Online Password Manager" (OPM) industry and marketplace you may not know that this industry has several excellent products on the market already and that the consumer has many wonderful choices.
If you are a software developer, we suggest you try other markets as the bar is set very high already in the OPM marketplace. 

So what is our design philosophy and why should you purchase from us?

We have some advantages as a newer company in the Online Password Manager (OPM) marketplace.  We can have a fresher and new approach to the big picture problem of trying to keep all your passwords safe and secure.  We can and do use better and more modern methods than products developed 5-6 years ago.  Researching this article I found Steve Jobs design philosophy and some other interesting websites to study regarding product design trade-offs.

OnlinePasswordManager.org product design goals are:

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

1. Be simple and intuitive to use.  Build products that increase our clients productivity and free up many hours for them so they can focus on more important things in life. There is no need for any manual as our software it truely intuitive, like a fork.

2. Dare to be different, and try to build the best products in the world.  Do not try to offer the most and longest check list of features.  All the other excellent products on the market have too many rarely used or useless features that do not encourage end users of the product to follow "best practices" of how to keep your passwords safe and secure.  Also some other OPM products try to force unneeded time consuming procedures on their clients (users).

3. We are our own client as we use OnlinePasswordManager every single day, also we listen very closely to the feedback our users give us and hope they know that we understand their needs and we try to lead our users to implement the best methods to keep their passwords safe. 

4.  Focus on what is important and do not try to build in features and functions that are not important, therefore we do not give-in to product reviews that only reward a long list of features.  We want to be lean and do what is needed for security while trying to keep it simple and very easy to use.  "No manual required".

Online Password Manager software is a trade-off between safety and security vs. ease of use and using the simplest best practices to be safe with your passwords.  Some of these methods are debatable.  E.g. how often you should change your passwords?  Some experts say changing them too often causes users to be lazy and use poor passwords.

5. Try to be open and frank and explain why it is bad to try to use a free product.  First we do not like companies claiming to be free, then to fully use the product you must purchase and upgrade or premium package.  Or they must force tons of stupid advertisments on you.  How are people suppose to live if they only have a free product? 
As a consumer it is a terrible decision for you to trust all our important passwords to a free service that could go out of business any day.  Also what type of support can you expect from a free product?  It is better to spend a little money and have a better quality of product and service.  Who pays for research and development for a free product?  If no one does how and when will any new features be added?

6. Really this should be #1 on my list. Build 100% Defect Free Software.
People tell me you cannot build 100% defect free software. Yes we can and we do, and we have done this for many software projects for 15+ years. Perhaps we are special in the world?
Perhaps it may be that since I started building defect free navigation and guidence systems for intercontinental missles at a young age, defect free is just built into my nature.
If you have a defect in an intercontinental ballistic missle software system, many millions of innocent people may die.
I graduated from a Illionios State University when I was 19 and worked for some superstar busniness people and genius software developers who taught me many important lessons that I still use today.

It is better to choose a good company e.g. OnlinePasswordManager.org and support  our research and development to fight evil hackers and keep your passwords safe and secure.  You are helping to stand up and stop scammers and hackers when you fund us and choose us as your long term partner in password management.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,

Tom Forrest