We will not change your existing passwords.

Our product will not change any of your existing passwords.

Our OnlinePasswordManager is a one-stop location for your password storage in a safe encrypted cloud.

No one not even us can see your stored passwords. Even if we gave the login and password of our database to a hacker, they could not see your passwords.

This is because of our military grade encryption system.  So please be careful to write down and remember the login and password to OnlinePasswordManager.org.  Please keep your login and password in a very safe place like a bank safe deposit box.  If you ever forget and lose the password to OnlinePasswordManager.org you will need to create a new account with us.  There is absolutely no way to recover your password to OnlinePasswordManager.org on purpose; this is why your passwords are so safe on our system.

Having no one able to know your password to OnlinePasswordManager.org means you must be responsible and remember this one password, also please keep this one password written down and stored safely.  You want this one login and password to be written down in as few places as possible for safe keeping.

The good news is this is now the only login and password you need to remember.  Not 10, 20, 50, 100+ logins and passwords.