Managing Effectively

Everybody wants to be easy with life. For some, it does not necessarily mean being rich but at least, being comfortable, being able to buy the basic needs, the wants, the luxuries, in big bundles. Well, the bottom line is, it’s actually about being and getting rich for many people.

Since we were young we were always told to study hard and get good grades, so they could get high-paying jobs. For some, this could be the way to a better life. However, to others, getting out of being employed by "the man" and getting into their own business is the way to happiness.

Technically a business is a legally recognized organization intended to offer goods and/or services to consumers. It can also be called as “firm” or “enterprise”. The origin of the word "business" speaks about the state of being busy. It could be as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially possible and profitable work.  For any business to succeed aside from hard work and persistence, strategy and good management are important.

Management in all businesses and human organizations is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish and realize the desired goals and objectives.

Mostly, it comprises planning and organizing. However, it also encompasses staffing, directing, leading, facilitating and controlling for accomplishing a goal.

Management is also an art. It is an art for it does not only entail simple directing and leading; it is how you make the people more effective than they would have been without you.
The science part is on how one goes about it, this basically introduces the four basic pillars in management: plan, organize, direct, and monitor.
Thus, management also can refer to a person or group of individuals who practices the act of management.

So the probable standard question for these people involved in business would be on what makes a good management and how to go about it.
Planning is very important. Without it, it would be quite impossible to get to your goal and succeed.  And if ever you did able to achieve your goal without it, it would have been by chance and definitely not repeatable.

Figuring first the goal is imperative. Figuring out the best way to get to your goal is the next thing. What resources are available? This is a very good question and may require extensive research, which is why strong Internet research skills are important.  You can search for resources by searching for e.g. list of directory sites, or advertise your own site by searching for list of directory submission sites.
What are the gains? Strengths and weaknesses of individuals and other resources as well as possible consequences should be carefully considered.

Probable scenarios should be cautiously calculated.  For each of this possible circumstance, a plan should be at hand. Several plans should be available too, just in case the primary ones may not work well. It is also wise to ask the people directly involved with the work. They could have valuable and helpful inputs.

The next best thing to do after planning is to organize in getting it done. The management has to do the groundwork to make sure that everything that is needed is ready to go or will be ready when it is already needed. Making sure also that each member knows their roles and their importance to the overall success is essential.

After everything is set, it is time to get moving and tell the people what to do. When everything is doing their part towards your goal, it is important to monitor the activities and make sure that everything is done right. However, if things are not going according to plan, the management must know when to step in and adjust what was planned.

Still, plans just do not run smoothly always. Things happen and screw things up. Someone might get sick, some parts don’t get delivered on time, and key customers become broke. Thus a contingency plan should be developed before hand. When things seem to be out of sync, there should be a plan to fix the situation, resources should be evaluated and organized to make it work, people who will make it happen, should be directed, and the effect of the change should be continuously monitored.

Managing people is not an easy task. However, of course it can be done successfully and be a very rewarding experience. Like any other skill, management is something that can be improved with study and practice.