OnlinePasswordManager Google Chrome Plugin to Pre-fill your Login Details

Online Password Manager uses a browser plugin just like other password managers out there to automatically propagate your login details.

Here’s how you can utilize the full potential of our system and to pre-fill username and password for you.
When adding a username and password, make sure you also add the exact login URL/link. This will tell our system to remember that login screen.
When you have done that, you will need to install on your Google Chrome browser our plugin:
This plugin will fill-up your login details for you. You will need to click on the plugin icon after it has installed.
It will appear like this if you haven’t logged in yet.
After logging in, if you are on the login page and you have added your password details and the link already, your plugin will show a screen like this:
You will have to click on that pre-fill button and it will instantly fill-in your details.